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Upcoming Events

Welcome to our upcoming events page. If you would like to attend any of the events below or would like to organise your own event, please contact Scarlett at or Gemma at



D.I.Y. Events

Interested in running your own event? We’d love you to get involved!

Here’s some suggestions for the types of events you could run:

  • Invite your friends over for a pasta night
  • Host a BBQ in the summer
  • Get your friends and family together for cheese and wine tasting
  • Show off your baking skills with an afternoon tea
  • Hold a ladies pamper evening with your friends
  • Run an arts and crafts workshop
  • Organise a larger event such as a casino night or a ball

We’ll even send you a pack to download with advice and tips on running an event- it couldn’t be easier!

So next time you’re thinking of having your friends over, turn it into a fundraiser to show your support.


May 6th 2017 

Tough Mudder 2017

“The strength of one person is nothing compared to the power of a team”. We’re getting together to run this mud filled obstacle course, running 10 miles more than we did last time! Come along to cheer on our CEO Sue Doughty, deputy manager Sam Reynolds, trustee’s Gemma and Tim, counsellors and supporters!

Please sponsor us here:


Justin Cooper: donated £20.61 + £5.15 “Tim Peppiatt my total respect to you well done! The thought of you getting electric shocks is just too much . . . I had to contribute! JC ”

Simon Moore: donated £103.04 + £25.76 “Pictures of Tim Peppiatt covered in mud please. Lots of mud. Good effort Tim. Best, Simon&Kate.”

Declan Nerney: donated £10 + £2.50

See more donations
  • Adel Zakout: donated £50
  • Nick Orchard: donated £25 + £6.25 gift aid
  • Steve Palmer: donated £100 + £25 gift aid
  • Michael Lonergan: donated £20.61 + £5.15 gift aid “Good luck Tim! enjoy!”
  • Mark Skinner: donated £51.52 + £12.88 gift aid
  • Katie Prickett: donated £50 + £12.50 gift aid
  • Natalie Read: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid ” Good luck you crazy fools!!!! Love from, Natalie”
  • Nicola Macmillan: donated £10.30
  • Ali Reynolds: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid
  • Mark Frankham: donated £50+£12.50 gift aid
  • James King: donated £51.52+£12.88 gift aid “Good luck with the challenge, James”
  • Anonymous: donated £10.30+£2.58 gift aid “Well done Sam,very brave!”
  • Nicola Halloran: donated £20+£5 gift aid “Good luck Sam and colleagues! Love Nicki, Paul, Ben and Oliver xx”
  • Mel Brown: donated £10.30+£2.58 “Good luck Sam and all taking part. Very brave!!”
  • Julia Gray: donated £10.30+£2.58 gift aid “Well you must be bonkers ! I did a 5k colour obstacle run last year and that was MORE than enough. Go SAM x Julia (BY)”
  • Wendy Whybrew: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid
  • Amanda Reed: donated £10.30+£2.58 gift aid “Good Luck Sam Amanda x”
  • Sheryl Whyte: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid “A worthy cause. Good luck to all involved! X”
  • Rob Hetherington: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid “Good luck Sammy and the team – fantastic challenge! Cheers Rob and Clemmie”
  • Mark Sheldon: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid “Go Sam! Nice one 😊”
  • Alice Ford-Smith: donated £5.30+£1.33
  • Zoe Germain: donated £20.49 “Good luck, you’re all amazing”
  • Stephen Sheehan: donated £50+£12.50 “Is Sue MAD ? The Sheehans”
  • Margaret Mallen: donated £20+£5 “Good luck Sue!! No pain no gain!! Go for it!! Xx”
  • Kate Comens: donated £20.61+£5.15 “Full Admiration for the Westmeria Mudders !!!!!”
  • Claire Ely: donated £10+£2.50 “Good Luck Sam – you are very brave!”
  • Anonymous: donated £20+£5 “Rather you than me!! Willing you all the way you brave people xxx”
  • Nicola Forsyth: donated £20.61+£5.15 “Good luck Sue , you can do it ! Nicky Forsyth xx”
  • Karen Atwal-Rimmer: donated £20.61+£5.15 “Good Luck Sue and team. I am sure you will smash it. Karen xx”
  • Anonymous: donated £20.61 + +£5.15
  • Vivien Goodwin: donated £10.30+£2.58 gift aid “Sorry I cannot join you at Tough Mudder, as I had hoped, but wishing you all a great adventure and pleased to support a terrific charity.”
  • David Reynolds: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid “Hope you enjoy the day and raise lots of money for a great cause. Janet and David”
  • Ben Reynolds: donated £20 + £5 gift aid “Best of luck, Sam! Love Ben, Rachel, Nate & Ethan x”
  • Anne Carey: donated £20.49 “Good luck to you both!”
  • Amy Merhemitch: donated £20.61 + £5.15 “Go Sam love Amy, Leo, Toby, Josie & Zach”
  • Debbie Vaile: donated £40 + £10 “Good luck Sue, Sam and all the Westmeria team – wishing you all the best Deb and Damian xx”
  • Josh Dempsey: donated  £10 + £2.50 “Good luck Tim from Josh and Charly Dempsey”
  • Roger Addems: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid good luck Tim -not sure what you are doing but i am sure it is for a good cause from uncle rog”
  • Pyramid Consultancy: donated £102.43 “Good Luck Tim, with best wishes from Neil and all at Pyramid Consultancy”
  • Martin Cox: donated £20.61+£5.15 “Best of luck Tim P ya crazy man!”
  • Jackie Britton: donated £103.04+£25.76 “what superstars you all are – my thoughts will be with you whilst Im soaking up the sun on the beach! Good luck! Jackie B”
  • Bachar Aintaoui: donated £51.52+£12.88 “Good luck Tim!! We are right behind you! With best wishes MBA Group”
  • Jan Willmott: donated £5+£1.25 “Dear Sam, You are a tough mudder and I have no doubt that you will fight your way to the very end!!! Best of luck my lovely! Love Jan xxx”
  • Tony Rapacioli: donated £50+£12.50 “Very best of luck Tim – enjoy… T x”
  • Sally Reynolds: donated £51.52+£12.88 “Sam Great challenge and a Great Charity. Have a great run. M&D Lov”
  • Shelley Mulligan: donated £5+£1.25 “Good Luck Gemma, you will smash it.”
  • Kelvin Bell: donated £50+£12.50 “I hope this is hard & painful too! All for a good cause, well done mate and all the best Kelv – world leading Web2Print solution”
  • Michael Crane: donated £10+£2.50 “Good luck Tim!”
  • Nicholas Aldam: donated £51.52+£12.88 “Go for it mate, but please don’t ask me to rub your aching muscles afterwards! Such a worthy cause, best wishes and good luck to you all”
  • Susan Sexton: donated £20.61+£5.15 “Good luck everyone! Love Sue and Pete”
  • Helen Garrett: donated £10.30+£2.58 gift aid
  • Richard McKeogh: donated £20+£5 gift aid
  • Spencer Wallace: donated £51.52+£12.88 gift aid
  • Ellie Brown: donated £10.30 “Good luck Sue, Sam and other tough mudders!! I’ve got so much admiration for you all, and for such a great cause xx”
  • Rekha Clare: donated £10+£2.50 “Go Sue! Best of Luck xx”
  • Charlotte Crossley: donated £20.49 “Good luck Tim, glad to see some rain today to create some much needed mud for the weekend! The Crossley’s x”
  • Luke Benjamin: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid
  • Ben Madden: donated £20+£5 gift aid
  • Sue Barenbrug: donated £51.52+£12.88 gift aid “Good luck Loretta! The Barenbrugs”
  • Michelle Disbray: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid
  • Carlo Bonetti: donated £51.52+£12.88 gift aid
  • Cass Anderson: donated £51.52+£12.88 gift aid
  • Stuart Piller: donated £50+£12.50 gift aid “Good luck Loretta. From Arf, Arf’s other Arf and Arf an Arf!”
  • Rachel Watson: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid “Get Muddy! From the Watson’s (Ozzy & Co.)”
  • Jeremy Hansford: donated £50+£12.50 “Good luck Tim”
  • Anonymous: donated £10.30
  • Michael Haynes: donated £50+£12.50 “Run Loretta Run!”
  • Sara Reeves: donated £10.30+£2.58
  • Tom Barrett: donated £10+£2.50 “Good luck Tim. From the Barrett’s”
  • Scarlett Jeffrey: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid “Good luck to all of the team, very proud!! Love Scarlett and Anthony xx”
  • David Blois: donated £20 + £5 gift aid “Good luck Tim from the team at M&A Advisory”
  • Kevin Harding: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid “Good luck keith 👍🏻”
  • Ray Hayward: donated £10+£2.50 gift aid “Good luck Keithie,Take your time Oldun 😂”
  • James Craddock: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid
  • Hetty Pye: donated £51.52 + £12.88 “Well done Amanda L and all the supporters! Most impressive commitment to a worthy cause”
  • Lesley Wilkes: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid “Best of luck to you both with love Lesley W”
  • Marianne Davies: donated £20 + £5 gift aid “Sue, You are a crazy woman for doing the Tough Mudder, but I admire you for doing so! Marianne”
  • Jonathan Thompson: donated “£10+£2.50” gift aid
  • Keith Jones: donated £20.61+£5.15 gift aid “Great day and company doing tough mudder well done everyone….”
Tough Mudder

June 2017 

Golf Day 2017

One of our most popular events on the calendar- join us this year for our golf day!

Tickets include:
  • Morning coffee and bacon rolls
  • 18 hole golf
  • 3 course evening meal
  • Raffle and prizes

Tickets cost £85pp or £320 four ball

Please email for more information


21st July 2017

Race Night


Join us for a race night at Sidcup Golf club in July! Further details to follow.

Please email for more information


30th September 2017

Quiz Night


Save the date, our quiz night is BACK! Join us on Saturday 30th September at Sidcup Golf Club for drinks, fish and chips and the all important quiz.

For tickets please email


18th Novemeber 2017


Our biggest night of the year will be at Sidcup Golf Club this November. Get ready for a night of music and dancing.

For tickets please email


Ongoing – 100 Club

Join the 100 Club

To enter the 100 club fill in the form by clicking on the below link and returning via email to A standing order of only £12 a year puts you into the monthly draw every month to win £25!