Testimonials – what our Clients say

“Our counsellor was brilliant. From our very first session we both felt comfortable bringing everything out into the open and learning how to move forward to a happier and healthier place.  Never judged or criticised.  Just understood.  We cannot thank her enough.

It was most helpful learning how to communicate concerns and feelings better with each other.”

“Most helpful as the experience therapist, great listening skills and knowledge in ‘teasing out’ professionally how I was feeling, helping me to process and understand where my problems stem from.”

“I was very happy with your service. From the friendly, helpful, and polite office staff to the extremely quiet therapy room to the professional experienced therapist I had.”

“The tools and ways of thinking we discussed giving me a great insight into how my childhood has shaped me today was so helpful.  Exploring what a healthy mind is like and when it is OK not to be OK.

She was a fantastic counsellor and has helped me so much.  I am so grateful for the support she gave me, and I will never forget it!”

“The counsellor is amazing. I felt comforted and reassured in my most uncomfortable feelings.  I do not think anyone could have been matched to me better.   I am coming away from this experience feeling confident and secure in myself.  I have made many realisations during my time and confronted many situations which I now feel resolved, and I can move forward.  Thank you!

Learning new techniques to deal with anxiety, learning that how I feel and recognising that is key to growth and moved forward with my life was great.”

“She was a great listener.  I never felt rushed or wrong in what I was saying.  I’m not sure how she did it, but she really helped me to get to the root of why I was at the point that I reached, why I kept coming back to it and how to overcome it.”

“I’ve had counselling before via the NHS, which was, I think 6 sessions.  They helped, but only seemed to really put a plaster over the problem that kept coming off.  The length of counselling offered through Westmeria enabled me to really understand myself and my reactions a lot better.

I am so hopeful as a result.  I now recognise that life will have its ups and its downs that that’s ok., because when the downs hit, I will be able to manage them and get myself back up again, maybe not straight away but eventually and I will be able to look after myself and accept where I am a lot better until I do.

I would like to say thank you to her but also to Westmeria for this service.   Having a clear headspace after all this time is priceless, and something I wouldn’t have been able to afford without the service offered.”

“I think the service is excellent.  The cost is manageable, and the support is worth so much more.  It has made life easier to live. It was most helpful to have strategies and how to challenge my thought processes.”

“Being given time and space in order to be listened to and to be open without judgement.  I truly appreciated just getting to freely be myself and introspectively work on things that were happening now and that had happened in the past in order to help me deal with these issues.  Felt very protected and cared for at all times during my sessions and this was on the of the things specifically meant so very much to me.”

Really nice experience, friendly counsellor. Looking forward to next week already

I feel very lucky that I managed to have counselling through Westmeria, my counsellor was a great fit for me, and I think that they’re a brilliant therapist that catered to my needs.

My counsellor experience has been a very positive one. The counsellor’s approach has been a very positive one. The counsellor’s approach made me feel at ease which helped me to talk about my thoughts and feelings. I now feel more at peace with myself and have some strategies that I can use going forward to help support my mental health.

I started my therapy journey at a very unsure part of my life – I had just moved countries and started a new degree all in a COVID-19 pandemic. At the time I was having difficulty concentrating on work, getting a good night’s sleep, or even getting out of the house for groceries, all symptoms attributed to my anxiety. However, while the first weeks of therapy were certainly challenging, bringing up bottled-up emotions and reminding me of the events in my life that made me most vulnerable, with the continuing care of my therapist I soon started to feel much more in-tune with my emotions. These 24 weeks that I spent working together with my therapist allowed me to reflect on my past experiences in a safe environment, confront negative stereotypes I had of myself, and, most importantly, to let go of the expectations placed on me by people around me, allowing me to focus on what I would like to do, instead of what I should be doing.

After almost a year of therapy, I am leaving Westmeria with a stronger sense of self, a kinder approach to my flaws, and, most importantly, with the patience and confidence needed to achieve my dreams.

I am forever grateful for everything this year of therapy has taught me and all the knowledge my therapist has been kind enough to share with me.

Thank you, you have given me my life back.

Having someone to talk to about my worries without being judged- thank you.

Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ once again for all your support and for listening when I was in such a bad way. I feel a lot calmer in myself and settled, as you saw, let’s hope it continues. After all, the future looks bright.

Excellent service. I would recommend you to others as you have made such a difference.

You are like an angel that caught me when I was down and made me fly again. Thank You.

Thank you so so much for giving me the opportunity to get through a very difficult time. I will always be very grateful to you. I now feel confident that I will be able to start a new life and will never forget all you have done for me.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Westmeria for all the help and support you have given me. I have reached a lot of goals over the last few months. Your help has been invaluable and I really could not have got there without your guidance and support.

In the nicest possible way, I hope that I wont need to see you again, but I do know where you are if I need you. I hope I can give back some of what I have been given.

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