Westmeria launched our corporate package in late 2018 offering both mental health awareness workshops and tools for life programmes. We have worked with several corporate organisations including Bank Leumi and The Institute of Mining. With the recent increase in mental health related issues due to the covid-19 pandemic, we offer bespoke training courses with a focus on mental health in the workplace to improve understanding and productivity.


  • One in four people will be affected by mental health issues in any given year (more than those affected by cancer or heart disease)
  • Mental Health – The biggest cause of sick days – 70 million days per year, costing employers 2.4 billion per year.
Mental Health Awareness Workshop
This 2-hour workshop introduces participants to considering & supporting their mental health and well-being as well as the mental well-being of others around them, whether that be family, friends, or colleagues.It’s aims are to:

  • Encourage a dialogue around mental health and well-being
  • Increase participant’s awareness of their current mental well-being and of those around them
  • Help participants recognise the signs and symptoms of poor mental well-being – looking in particular at anxiety, depression and stress
  • Consider ways that participants can support themselves and other’s mental well-being

For more information on our corporate workshops, capacity and booking/ pricing please email enquiries@westmeriacounselling.co.uk