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Upcoming Events

Welcome to our upcoming events page. If you would like to attend any of the events below or would like to organise your own event, please contact us at


9th July 2022

Intermediate Mindfulness Zoom Course – Emotional Resilience

Saturday 9th July @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm 

£75 with 30% donated to Westmeria Counselling

During this course, Sheena will guide you towards developing better self-care, greater resilience, and to develop your own regular practice, providing recordings of different meditation practices for practice from home.

This Mindfulness Course is perfect for individuals who would like to develop their Mindfulness skills and explore the practice further.

On this course we will be covering the following:-

  • Emotional resilience at work and at home
  • Practices to improve sleep
  • Somatic practices to assist you in becoming calmer
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Less stressful reactions to everyday life experiences
  • The importance of kindness and compassion
  • Going within to protect yourself from outside influences
  • Inner child work

To book your place or to receive further information on either Mindfulness courses please email

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change”
Eckhart Tolle

During mindfulness, we are opening ourselves to whatever feelings arise; good, bad and neutral. By becoming aware, we can bring clarity and improved direction to many choices in our lives


Step to it with Westmeria- Virtual Climb Event

Bored of the current restrictions? Why not take a virtual tour around the world and step to it with Westmeria? Take your pick from 3 iconic monuments around the world and climb the number of steps on a staircase of your choice, to complete the ‘Step To It’ challenge!

All who complete the challenge will receive a digital certificate or a physical medal just simply state your preference when you register.

How does it work? 

Simply sign up, select your chosen monument (The London Eye, The Eiffel Tower or Sydney Harbour Bridge). Then complete the challenge by going up and down on your desired set of stairs or staircase and record your steps via a step counter app or pedometer, finally upload your evidence to receive your digital medal or certificate.

How will this help Westmeria? 

Your registration fee will be donated to Westmeria Counselling Service.

What is the time frame? 

There is no time frame for your challenge, you can complete the steps in one sitting or spread the steps over a period, it’s your choice?

How can I show evidence of my steps to complete the challenge? 

We require a photograph or screen shot of your step count as evidence of your challenge, this can be taken by via a step counter app or pedometer.

Is this a one-off payment?


How much will the registration be?

Digital certificate – £7.50

Physical Medal – £12.50

How many steps are required for each individual monument?

The London Eye- 311 Steps

Eiffel Tower – 674 Steps

Sydney Harbour Bridge – 1,332 steps


To register please click the link below:


Climb The London Eye 

Digital Certificate –

Physical Medal –


Climb The Eiffel Tower

Digital Certificate –

Physical Medal –


The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Digital Certificate –

Physical Medal –

Ongoing – 100 Club

Join the 100 Club

To enter the 100 club fill in the form by clicking on the below link and returning via email to A standing order of only £12 a year puts you into the monthly draw every month to win £25!


D.I.Y. Events

Interested in running your own event? We’d love you to get involved!

Here’s some suggestions for the types of events you could run:

  • Invite your friends over for a pasta night
  • Host a BBQ in the summer
  • Get your friends and family together for cheese and wine tasting
  • Show off your baking skills with an afternoon tea
  • Hold a ladies pamper evening with your friends
  • Run an arts and crafts workshop
  • Organise a larger event such as a casino night or a ball

We’ll even send you a pack to download with advice and tips on running an event- it couldn’t be easier!

So next time you’re thinking of having your friends over, turn it into a fundraiser to show your support.