5 Steps to Everyday Happiness

This blog is aimed at sharing ‘5 steps to everyday happiness’ that I gained from a recent well-being publication.   It left me reflecting on ‘the magic of the morning’ and how important this energy can be utilised in ‘laying the foundation stone for the rest of your day…’. Imagine how connecting with this initial energy may be supportive of ‘staying in the flow’ in being able to create an enjoyable and invigorating day ahead.

How does yours pan out presently – do you jump out of bed at the shrill of the alarm ringing then race against the clock, arriving at your destination unaware of the time that passed in between?

So, consider how these 5 steps may create a space for YOU in not only making a difference to that pace, but more importantly in creating a sense of value and in living life more fully in the moment.

1.Try setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier – this time won’t make you feel less tired but may provide 15 minutes of YOU time. 

2. Rather than jumping out of bed, take just a few moments to connect with your body.  After hours of stillness the body may be sluggish and the mind slow to register. 

  • Have a stretch, notice what sensations are in the body, what thoughts are around, what feelings are present as you awake.  
  • Move your focus to your breath, taking some deep inhalation/exhalations, narrow attention to either your chest as it expands and softens, or the stomach as it inflates and deflates, if the mind wanders notice where it took you and gently guide it back to the breath. 
  • Acknowledge the whole body, breathing in from the top of the head and sending it down to the toes, repeat this a couple of times and then step out of bed placing your feet firmly on the floor. 
  • Get your prana (life force) going by doing a little jig to the bathroom, skip or sing – whatever gets your heart going and your face smiling.
  • Give attention to the sensation of the water when showering/washing and the textures of the soap on your skin.  Focus on being awake and aware

‘The more we take conscious deep breaths the more we feed our cells and nervous system with fresh new energy. – this allows our minds to clear and our bodies to detoxify". 

3. Take a little of that time to breakfast or enjoy that first cup of tea/coffee/juice -take a few minutes to savour the taste and flavours.  How many times have you finished a drink, eaten that snack and then questioned if you had even had it? 

4. Step outside breathe in the fresh air, have your cuppa outside taking a moment to connect with nature.  Attune to the sounds of your surroundings and the light of the day.

"Daylight is important, not only to top up Vitamin D but because we are constantly and intimately connected to our surroundings ‘. "Nature has a healing effect on our mind, body and soul".  

5. Leave with time to spare rather than trying to make it up.  See if you can slow that pace from which you can take in the journey. How many times have you arrived at your destination realising that you have no idea of having got there.  Preoccupied by thoughts of remembering or of planning ahead.  What are you missing in the present moment.  Take note of the here and now, look around you, notice things that perhaps you have never recognised before sit with how it feels to arrive – do you feel more relaxed?  What else might you be missing out on.  What points within your day can you achieve and experience more from?  How can you gain more fresh air, more awareness and a little more ‘you time’ as well as a more relaxed and fuller experience and engagement with your surroundings and with others. 

Have a go, what have you got to lose – you may stay 15mins in bed or you may appreciate the value of giving some extra time to yourself 

Written by Debbie- Westmeria Counsellor 

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