Connect with your creativity – distract a busy/anxious mind

Sometimes doing something that makes yourself feel good is the best way to distract painful thoughts and emotions. You don’t have to wait until you feel overwhelmed by painful emotions to do something creative.

It’s helpful to engage in these activities on a regular basis to rewire your brain to connect with something creative, something that feels pleasurable. In fact, you should try to do something pleasurable every day.

Here are some suggestions:-

  • Listen to music that you find uplifting
  • Make a play list of music you like
  • Sing out loud to music
  • Dance to the music
  • Join a choir
  • Pick up a guitar/start playing piano/ other instrument
  • Buy a complex colouring book
  • Do some painting/drawing
  • Re- paint a bedroom
  • Make a collage of happy photos
  • Learn a new craft using your hands and fingers – pottery/lead windows/sewing
  • Write some poetry
  • Song writing
  • Bake a cake for yourself and others
  • Cook a recipe you’ve never tried before
  • Paint your nails
  • Change your hair colour
  • Go to the seaside/a wood/ a Castle/ a scenic place and take some creative photos.
  • Visit an art gallery or public garden
  • Find a treasured photo and put it on canvas to hang in a room of your choice.

We’d love to hear how you connect with your creativity, send us some pics of your creations and let us know how you get on.

By Sheena Breg (Westmeria Counsellor and Nutritional Therapist)

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