SELF CARE by Laura Minus

I asked myself what self- care means to me? Without long reflection, I came up with primary needs and necessity. It would not have been the same answer 20 years ago as I have learnt it after having some setbacks that required to put myself first. Now I feel that I am voicing this necessity/ need to others more than ever. Mainly, because I know how important it is to look after ourselves as it helps to boost our physical and mental health.

We all are different and unique and so is our self -care. Things that make me happy are seeing my closest ones, laughing about silly jokes, inhaling fresh air during my walks in the park, stroking a dog, having a movie night, going to the fun gym class, swimming, reading, and having a nap. Also, being mindful how I work. Am I able to say “no”? Do I take enough breaks? Can I leave my job behind when my work- day is finished?

Some of these things were alien to me in my early adulthood. I am aware where it comes from. My grandmother did not like to see anyone in a “sitting position” and somehow it annoyed me too. She was and will always going to be the sweetest and loveliest person to me, but she did not know what self- care was. Anyone who dared to sit down to read a book or even worse, watching TV, was upsetting to her. I sometimes “see her” sitting at the table with us drinking coffee, eating cakes, and laughing, with no worries about constant jobs and responsibilities.

Well, how many of you are thinking that self-care is necessary? If you think that it is important, how do you practise self-care?

It could be anything that puts a smile on your face, such as singing, dancing, seeing your bestie, going to the theatre, movie, having a spa day, doing your hair, playing with your child, pet or indulging in your favourite board game!

Please remember! Self -care is not selfish but necessary for your wellbeing!

I wish you all more laughter and rest this year!

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