We can’t all take time out to train for a marathon but we can take 2 minutes in our day

April 23rd I had the privilege  of watching my daughter run the London Marathon. She was not on her own. There were 39,000 people running on the day. After months of hard training and fundraising for their charities today they were all working towards the same goal. Finishing the 26.2 miles.

Throughout the 26.2 miles everyone seemed to come together, runners doing the hard bit, volunteers at drink stations, ushers showing people where to go, health professionals on hand for any injuries. All giving up their time to help.

Supporters were busy travelling to get to the next stage of the route to cheer for their loved ones. What stood out for me was the support. Runners helping other runners encouraging each other if they saw someone in difficulty. Supporters not just cheering loved ones but everyone as they passed by. All around the 26.2 miles people were there for each other.

When we are going through difficult times in our lives it can feel like a marathon just to get out of bed in the morning and face another day. It is important to remember that support is out there family, friends and health professionals.

You just need to reach out. You don’t have to run a marathon just take the first steps and ask for help.

Something to think about:

We can’t all take time out to train for a marathon but we can take 2 minutes in our day. Try pressing a pause button on live for two minutes just to allow yourself time to stop, breath and take in your surroundings. It can be amazing what you see.

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