Westmeria’s ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ Challenge

February 17th celebrates Random Acts of Kindness day, where we’re encouraged to bring a little bit of positivity into eachothers lives with kindness. Why kindness?

 Scientifically? Because it’s good for your health.
 Economically? Because it’s free.
 Practically? Because it’s easy. 
Socially? Because it improves the world.

But we thought, why only stick to one day, why not make it the whole month? And for that matter, why only show kindness to others when we could show kindness to ourselves too?

So here’s our 29 day challenge for February, full of kindness suggestions for not only others but ourselves too…

  1. Smile at somebody today as you walk past- it might just brighten their morning
  2. Watch your favourite film
  3. Offer your seat to somebody on the train
  4. Create a positive playlist of all the songs that make you feel great and listen to them whenever you need a boost
  5. Send a friend a funny postcard that you know will make them laugh
  6. Take a walk outdoors today- be kind on your mind and body
  7. Leave someone a little note of encouragement who you think might need it
  8. Send a friend a bunch of flowers- it doesn’t have to be their birthday
  9. Pamper yourself today- take a bath, paint your nails, however you like
  10. Cook a special meal for somebody you love
  11. Try a simple breathing meditation to help release stress
  12. Give to charity (we won’t be bias and suggest which one, promise!)
  13. Eat a nourishing meal- your body will love you for it
  14. Give someone you love a hug just because
  15. Each time you make a decision today try asking, ‘what would someone who loves themselves do?’
  16. Buy yourself a gift- not something you need but a little treat (buy via easyfundraising too and raise money as you go!)
  17. Compliment somebody on something you love about his or her personality (you might not have ever told them you love this, even if you’ve always thought it!)
  18. Give an unexpected gift
  19. Today try using the affirmation “I love and approve of myself”
  20. Give a lovely waiter/waitress a bigger tip than usual
  21. Clear out your old clothes and give them to charity
  22. Write a list of 5 things you love about yourself (if this is hard try writing 5 things you think others would say they love about you)
  23. Listen to a friends worries or problems- really listen and be with them, without interruption or giving advice
  24. Book yourself a massage
  25. Pay for a cup of tea/coffee for the person behind you
  26. Cook yourself your favourite dinner or order your favourite take away
  27. Pass on an old book that you’ve loved for someone else to enjoy
  28. Pay for someones car park ticket
  29. Rest and sleep for longer today- let your mind and body restore


We’d love to hear how your challenge goes and how you feel after your 29 days of kindness! Write to us via our Facebook or Twitter page or email scarlett@westmeriacounselling.co.uk and we’ll re-post your stories of kindness.

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