Westmeria Celebrates 6 Years of Counselling Training!

We are very proud to have just completed our 6th year of delivering counselling training… and what a year it has been. Despite the challenging and uncertain times of recent months, we are very proud to have kept our training courses going, which has been no small task. Teaching remotely has become our new “normal” and has required both tutors and students to be flexible and adaptable with the way the courses have been delivered. It has been hard work and at times testing and frustrating, but our amazing team of teaching staff and dedicated students have risen to the challenge admirably.

Counselling training provision at Westmeria plays an important financial role in sustaining our ever-growing and much needed low-cost counselling service. Now, more than ever, we need to offer our services to the local community, so by continuing to deliver our training courses we also are able to keep providing our counselling service too. Thank you to all of our students for choosing to study with us – by attending one of our courses you are already helping someone to receive the counselling they need.

Over the last six years we have built an enviable reputation for offering excellent training at all different skill levels – for those students who wish to develop their listening and helping skills to those who complete our 2-year Diploma course and qualify as counsellors.

Dedicated and passionate teaching staff bring a wealth of knowledge to students’ training. They are all experienced counsellors and trainers, who not only encourage the development of robust counselling skills and understanding but most importantly provide a compassionate and empathic environment that fosters curiosity and awareness of self and others.

The success of our reputation is demonstrated this year by the number of applicants we have had for our courses starting in September 2020, both of which have been very over-subscribed, so competition for a place on them was tough. We wish all students who applied to us all the best in their training and thank you for supporting Westmeria.

Blended teaching will continue when we start back in September and certainly throughout next term – many teaching sessions will be held remotely but we will take the opportunity, where possible, to deliver sessions or meet up in-person. This adjustment to a new “normal” will enable our courses to be adaptable and flexible and therefore, sustainable. Counselling training is an individual journey that takes place within a group process, so our training groups are restricted to 12 people (CSKL2 & CSTL3) and 15 people (TC-L4), to allow for diversity without being impersonal. Whether this is a group working in-person or remotely, our aim is to provide a creative, caring and supportive environment with which to study.

So, as we head into the summer break, we readily look forward to the next 6 years of providing counselling training. Who knows what it may bring, but it is fair to say that we are more than up to that challenge… though after some well-earned rest first!

For more information about any of our courses, please look at our website (https://westmeriacounselling.co.uk/college/) or contact us on training@westmeriacounselling.co.uk

Courses/Start Date:

CPCAB CSK-L2 Certificate in Counselling Skills          Sept 2020        FULL

CPCAB CST-L3 Certificate in Counselling Studies       March 2021     Open for applications

CPCAB TCL4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling      Sept 2020        FULL

CPCAB TCL4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling      Sept 2021        Register your interest


Written by Claire, Westmeria College Tutor

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